At The Joint, our chiropractors are dedicated to helping Utah residents with back pain relief.

Walk-ins Welcome From Salt Lake's Finest Chiropractors

Unlike other chiropractors, it is not required for a prospective patient to schedule an appointment. The Joint in Sugar House and Cottonwood Heights provides convenient hours to make receiving help for back pain more accessible. Upon the completion of your paperwork, you will promptly be seen by the doctor to address your back pain and alignment concerns. Waiting times are kept to a minimum, and most chiropractic adjustments require as little as 10 minutes. Your comfort is important, so we encourage you to voice any and all concerns you might have and our professional chiropractors will address them with you. Disrobing is not necessary to receive back pain help at The Joint of Salt Lake, though you should wear non-restrictive clothing to make it easier to rest comfortably while lying face-down on the chiropractic table.

A typical chiropractic visit includes a thorough health assessment by a member of the chiropractor's team and treatment, which is often delivered through the spinal adjustment. These manual adjustments may be delivered by hand or through specific chiropractic instrumentation. Additional services may also be offered at your local clinic. If the chiropractors feel your case warrants further testing or evaluation, you will be referred to the appropriate health facility or professional so you'll be guaranteed to get help with your particular back pain issue. You are always welcome to call in advance should you have any specific questions, needs or concerns. To learn more about the individual chiropractors who provide care at The Joint near Salt Lake, you are encouraged to visit their clinic home page. We look forward to making your visit comfortable and help you with an individualized care plan to address your health concerns.

Chronic Back Pain Help is Available at The Joint

If you or a family member is experiencing chronic or ongoing back pain, The Joint in Sugar House and Cottonwood Heights, a local Salt Lake Chiropractors office location can help. For less than the price of one co-pay patients get 4 adjustments a month and can even provide affordable care for those who don't have insurance. If you need help with back pain, look no further than the professional service from the chiropractors of the Joint in Utah. They have services and support for any chiropractic need you can imagine.