Extremity Adjustment

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When asked "What does a chiropractor treat?" most people respond by saying either "back or neck pain." It is true that as chiropractors we focus primarily on treating the spine, however we also treat the majority of the joints in the body. This includes the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, hips, and ankles. The typical treatment from our Salt Lake City chiropractors involves mobilizing the joints to improve range of motion and function as well as decrease pain. Generally we refer to this as "extremity adjusting." Just like with the spine the extremity adjustment can serve to treat certain injuries, maintain proper function and to prevent injury.

There are three primary goals with the extremity adjustment.

First is to ensure proper alignment of the many bones and joints in the extremities. The ankles and wrist have several different joints which can easily become misaligned. Maintaining the proper alignment will help to preserve the symmetry side to side. This helps to reduce the risk of injury due to poor biomechanics. At 'The Joint - Sugarhouse', located in Salt Lake City, our chiropractors work with many of the local high school and college athletes. We have great success in preventing injury. With some teams we have worked with, non-contact ankle injuries were reduce by nearly 100% with regular adjustments compared to previous years without care.

The second goal of the extremity adjustment is to increase flexibility and range of motion. Increased flexibility in the ankle for example, allows for faster and smoother transition from the push off phase of gait to the strike position. This reduces the drag and increases performance. In a sport where tenths, or even hundredths of seconds make the difference between first place and second, our chiropractors understand that every bit of drag counts.

Third and possibly most important result of extremity adjustments is increased proprioception. This is the bodies awareness of where it is in space. It is what gives us our balance. Increased awareness and balance will increase overall performance and reduce injuries.

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