Preventing Degenerative Joint Disease

"Our mission here at The Joint is to improve the quality of life through routine and affordable chiropractic care". We do this by focusing on maintaining and/or restoring proper motion and position of joints.  Research does show that if any joint in the body is restricted in its normal function and range of motion, it will degenerate.  Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) is rampant in the United States. Much due to the way we live our lives and neglect taking care of our health by maintaining the single most important system of our bodies, our joints and nerves.  Affordable chiropractic care is one step that individuals can take to prevent back and neck pain from persisting. 

There are certain positions and natural curves in the spine that are absolutely essential in maintaining good health. When we lose these essential curve and range of motion the body starts the degenerative and compensation patterns almost immediately. Our bodies have built in compensation mechanisms to try to heal, correct and support us even in bad posture and unsafe movements.  With preventative and affordable chiropractic care, patients can maintain their natural curves and prevent pain from the onset. 

How do we lose these vital curves that create such compensation patterns? Simply, bad posture and neglect are the most common. Then we throw in a few injuries that we just let the body "heal" and hope all is ok. The problem with most degenerative conditions is they are painless in the beginning. We go along thinking that if we can't "feel" a problem then there must not be one. Then over time the pain and aching begins, we can't figure out what happened to our body, why we are suffering from aches and pains with no apparent cause? We rationalize the condition, "It must just be part of getting old". However, degenerative joint disease is NOT an age related disease; it is a loss of normal motion and position disease.  With the help of affordable chiropractic care, The Joint helps restore balance to their patients, before pain even begins.

Patients seeking affordable chiropractic care at our offices are quite surprised and curious to see small children being treated. They often ask "why would you need to treat an infant or child"? Well, if you understand the birth process and how the baby is forced, and often pulled, from the birth canal, then you can see how the spine is easily traumatized, twisted and stretched out of normal position. This starts that compensation pattern we referred to; the one that ultimately leads to Degenerative Joint Disease and back pain. The infant or child then starts to exhibit symptoms like; colic, asthma, headaches, sleep disorders and so on.

Many patients seeking affordable chiropractic care have let these compensation patterns, poor posture, and injuries, "self-heal" for far too long, thus, when they come in for treatment they need to go through a rehabilitative, correction for a time before we can get them to a wellness or maintenance phase. The way we sit at work or at home on the sofa or working on the computer, our sleeping positions, bad mattress or pillow, etc all add up to poor joint function and ultimately lead to Degenerative Joint Disease.

Our goal is to help people prevent problems and Degenerative Joint Disease from occurring by get preventative and affordable chiropractic care. We are teaching young people this is far better than to do what we were taught when we were young; wait until the crisis occurs then get treatment.  Affordable chiropractic care is one of the best preventative measures for optimum health.

~Dr. Steve Lewis