• New Years Resolutions from Chiropractors in Salt Lake City

    Happy New Year! Here we are again with a brand new year ahead of us. As we look back on 2015, I hope we had many successes that we can use to give us some momentum for greater success in 2016.

    All across the world, people are making resolutions to be better than they were previously. Those resolution will take many form. Some will be financial. Some will have to do with our relationships, both personal & business wise. Others will be about educating ourselves or increasing our skills. Many will make resolutions to be kinder or more loving. Most will have to do with our own health. Whether it's getting more sleep or eating better or adding more exercise into our lives & taking better care of ourselves.

    Many of those resolutions will be left behind, almost forgotten within a few weeks. That might be because we begin to not follow through or we may fall of the wagon or fail a few times. We should not let those things stand in our way of bettering ourselves.

    As you are aware, I am a Salt Lake City chiropractor. What you may not know is that I am an entrepreneur & love business. As part of my 2016 resolutions, I joined a mastermind group of other business owners where we can learn from each other, encourage each other & because we are a group, we can be greater together than if we were separate. In this mastermind, we have been discussing failure & fear. You see, many if not most of us fear failure. As we were discussing this it was brought out that fear is just anticipation that you are going to fail. We then discussed failing & how powerful failure can be in our success.

    Henry Ford said, "Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." Another quote that I've heard but am not sure the author is, "Failure is not the opposite of success, it's part of success." Michael Jordan said, "I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot & missed. I've failed over & over & over again in my life. And that is why I succeed."

    Those mistakes or failures will always be apart, & come before our success. It is up to us to see the power of failure. The sooner we accept it, embrace it, adjust after it, & continue on, the sooner we will find success.

    So in 2016, lets become better than we have ever been by continuing past the failures till we reach success. Remember that the key to not only chiropractic, but success as well, is consistency. Consistently continue moving forward toward whatever positive goals you have set for yourself.

    To Your Health,
    Dr. Tuft
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  • How Chiropracgtors in Salt Lake City can help "Fix things"

    As you can probably guess, as a Salt Lake City chiropractor I get a lot of questions about people's health. You may have also noticed that I get some questions repeatedly & when I do, I usually write about them in a blog post. Well, you guessed it, this months commonly asked question has to do with patients asking me,

    "How can I fix that?"

    Another version of that same question has been,

    "Why does this keep happening?" & "What can I do to make it stay in place?"

    I get it! In today's society we are all about getting things fixed. Something goes wrong with our car, we take it to the shop so they can fix it or we try to fix it ourself. Same thing with our computer. Something goes wrong or it just isn't working the way we think it should. We take it to a computer expert to "fix it". 

    It seems that today, whatever problem arises in our life, we can take it somewhere & get it fixed. So, I can completely understand someone's thought process when they come to me to help them with their pain or to get their spine checked. It makes sense on the surface, but as we begin to understand our body & how it works, it can become clearer what it needs to get & stay healthy.

    If we take a look at what our lives look like today & compare it to what lives looked like decades ago, we quickly see the many differences & challenges that we face today that weren't there decades ago. Our bodies are designed to deal with some stress and back pain, & then be able to rest from that stress. Today we are bombarded with stress. Physical, chemical & emotional stress have become apart of our daily lives. We get very little break from them. Think about your hobbies, work routine & your general daily life. How many times do we find ourselves doing repetitive things or motions? We all have a dominant side. So just even the act of walking around or going up/down stairs. Our dominant side will work differently (more/less) than our non-dominant side. It may be just a slight difference but as we move throughout the day, those slight differences all add up.

    This is one example of how our bodies work. So when someone asks me one or both of those questions above, I talk to them about these things & tell them chiropractic isn't about "fixing" things, because we will continue to live our daily lives with stress. So, chiropractic is about maintaining rather than fixing. As I've said in past blog posts, the key to chiropractic care is consistency. Every body is different, so we need to find what your consistency needs to be & stick with it for better health. Either that or go live in a cozy little bubble away from the average daily life & stress.

    I don't know about you, but I love living life, so I'll keep up on my own consistent chiropractic care.

    To Your Health,
    Dr. Tuft
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  • Best Chiropractor Utah - Salt Lake City Weekly 2015

    The Votes Are In -  The Joint Sugar House was just voted Best of Utah 2015  by City Weekly.  


    Everyday Life Does a Number on Your Body
    Eight out of ten people experience back pain at some point in their lifetime. Whether it’s too much twisting and turning on the golf links, overdoing it at the gym or yoga studio, bending over while gardening, lifting something with your back instead of your legs or even just sitting in an awkward position for too long, sooner or later you may pay the price. When your back aches, or if your neck is stiff or you have a headache, it can affect your day. It may be harder to concentrate at work, to hit that ball over the net, or to be there for your family.
    Chiropractic Care on the Rise
    Based on this need for pain relief and prevention, chiropractic care has grown remarkably over the past three years. A new Gallup report shows that 34 million U.S. adults now seek chiropractic care each year, a marked increase over the 2012 National Health Interview Survey that measured chiropractic use at 21 million U.S. adults.
    The Joint® Chiropractic is Leading the Way
    One of the leaders of this growing trend is The Joint® Chiropractic, a network of clinics that provides convenient, affordable chiropractic care that not only delivers pain relief, but more importantly, the ongoing wellness care that will help Americans of all ages remain healthy, active and symptom-free.
    The Joint’s patient-centered model is very different than the norm. Patients can choose from several options, including a membership plan that covers up to four visits a month. And, after an initial consultation, exam and adjustment, visits take about 10 minutes—less than the time it takes to get a cup of coffee.
    The Joint Chiropractic’s Patient-First Approach Offers:
    • Personalized treatment plans with a focus on pain relief and ongoing wellness
    • No appointments required; patients can walk in for treatment anytime the clinic is open, including evenings and weekends
    • No insurance hassles; affordable packages & membership plans
    • Ability to receive treatment at any of The Joint’s 280+ clinics across the country
    • Warm and inviting clinics, located in convenient high-traffic retail areas rather than sterile medical complexes—making it easy to work spontaneous visits into busy lives. 

      The Joint Chiropractic accepts cash, credit/debit and FSA/HSA cards at all of their 280+ clinics,
      Invest in yourself, and your future, with preventive screenings, regular physical activity, healthy food choices, and weekly visits to the chiropractor. To learn more about the health benefits of chiropractic or to find a clinic near you, visit thejoint.com.
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  • How Salt Lake City Chiropractors are like Dentists

    Humor me a little bit and come with me into a conversation that I have over and over again.  Whether it is with a patient in our office, or with someone I meet in my personal life.

    Upon hearing that I am a chiropractor, there is almost invariably a statement like:

    Other person:  Yeah, I saw a chiropractor a few years ago.  He helped me a lot.

    Me:  Great, so do you still see him?

    Other person:  No, he fixed me all up.  I haven't needed to go back.

    Me:  Oh... That's awesome.  By the way, did you brush your teeth this morning?

    Other person:  (After giving me a slightly dirty look)  Yeah.

    Me:  Did they hurt when you woke up this morning?

    Other person:  No...

    Me:  Well then why did you brush them?

    Other person:  (silence...)

    Me:  If they didn't hurt, why did you brush them?

    Other person:  (slowly and starting to understand what I am getting at...)  Well...to keep them from hurting.

    Me:  Oh, so maintenance care and prevention is OK for your teeth, but not for you spine?

    Other person:  (silence...)

    Typically at this point, I let them off the hook and make a joke so as to lift the building tension.  As you can guess, I am a hoot at parties.

    Again, I have this conversation ALL THE TIME.  Seriously...your teeth chew your food and (hopefully) look good when you smile.  That's about it.  Your spine controls EVERY SINGLE THING that happens in your body.  From cell reproduction to movement to healing processes to immune response.  It all happens through your spine.  Teeth...they chew up your meat.

    So, why do you think people devote around 5 minutes a day (maybe more) to their teeth and do so very willingly...yet they put up such a fight when it comes to maintaining the health of their spine?

    My best guess is that it all comes down to money.  Maintaining the health of your teeth my cost a couple of bucks a month.  Regular chiropractic maintenance care can be expensive when you're seeing the chiropractor once a week and you're paying an average of $55-$70 per adjustment.  That's why we are trying to change that.  At The Joint Salt Lake City, we have programs and plans that can provide a regular maintenance care adjustment for as low as $14.75 per adjustment.  There is no long term commitment needed and you get the care that your body needs.

    Maintenance care is not a new thing for health care...Seriously, when was the last time your dentist said, "OK, you're done.  Come back the next time your teeth hurt?"  Yet, that's what is expected from a chiropractor?

    Come see us and we will help you maintain the most important functions in your body
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  • How Salt Lake City Chiropractors Can Help You Sleep

    With the weather quickly shifting to the blustery cold of winter, I could probably write a blog about winter sports and how to keep your body functioning at its optimal level and lower your back pain through routine chiropractic care.  

    As we are currently right in the middle of the best time of year (football season), I could probably write a blog about how chiropractic care helps athletes in Salt Lake City function to their bodies utmost and prevent injuries through chiropractic care.

    I could probably write about how chiropractic care will help to keep you healthy as colds and flu's seem to be starting to overcome the masses.

    But, I've already done all that.  Over the past year or so I have written blogs that have covered all those subjects.  So, I think I should write about something that i haven't written about yet.  This is one of my favorite things to do...ever.

    Lets talk about sleep.  I can't tell you how many times I hear the phrase, "I didn't do anything, I just woke up with it", when people are talking about a new pain they are experiencing.  

    You spend a third of your life asleep.  The position that you sleep in can have a huge effect on your health and the well-being of your body and your joints.

    So, what is the best way to sleep?

    According to my teachers in school....on your side.  According to many "experts"...on your back.  No one says to sleep on your stomach because that is pretty much one of the worst things you can do for your back or neck.  Very rarely do I ever tell anyone to quit doing something immediately.  One of those things is doing squats...DON'T EVER DO SQUATS...You will hurt yourself.  Another thing I tell people that they should NEVER do is sleep on their stomach.  You've got your head turned to the side for 8 hours and your lower back is put into a position of extension (leaning backwards) all night.  Horrible for the joints...DON'T EVER SLEEP ON YOUR STOMACH!!!

    Based on my experience, sleeping on you back or your side can be equally good (or bad) for your spine.  

    Here are some principles to remember when finding a position to sleep in:

    1.  Try to look at your spine when you are standing up.  Keep your spine in that position when you are laying down.  Whether you are on your back or your side, you want to keep your spine in a straight position while keeping the natural curves of your spine supported.  

    While on your side, you should have your knees slightly bent with a pillow between the knees to keep the hips in a natural posture.  NO ROLLING YOUR TOP HIP FORWARD!!!  Your shoulders should be square (do not tuck your bottom shoulder forward either, this creates torque in the spine and strain to the muscles of your shoulders).  Your head should be supported in a way that keeps the neck and shoulders in a straight line with the rest of your spine.  No flexion of the head (fetal position).  Keep the head upright.

    While on your back, put a small support under your knees.  Position the pillow so that your head will stay straight (looking up at the ceiling).  DON'T USE A VERY THICK PILLOW.  A thin pillow under the head and a slightly thicker pillow under the neck (or 2 layers of pillow under the neck) should provide the right type of support for the head and neck.

    2.  Illustrated below are some positions NOT to sleep in:

    Image result for bad sleeping positions
    Image result for bad sleeping positions
    Image result for bad sleeping positions

    Take care, and sleep tight.

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  • A Utah chiropractor explains how your work posture is causing you back pain

    Looking back over past blogs that I have written about health and chiropractic, I noticed that most of the ones that I have done are usually centered around some sort of activity.  When it got cold out, I wrote about skiing.  As the weather started getting warmer, I wrote about outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking.

    Today I want to switch it up a bit and cover the anti-activity: work.  In the day and age that we live in, computers have become a necessity with most jobs and careers.  You find less and less people who actually do physical work for a living anymore.  Most of us are sitting at a computer all day long, day after day, in exceedingly poor posture.  Then we wonder why we are hurting, because, "I didn't do anything to hurt myself."

    Well, YES YOU DID!!!

    You might start out the morning sitting up nice and straight, but after about 20 minutes, you look like this guy!

    I love computers dearly. It is because of computers that I know that I will always have a job.  As long as there are computers, there will be people who need chiropractic care.

    So, lets address a few things that you can do to counter all the damage that you are doing to your spine (and your health) while you sit at your computer.

    1. Get the screen higher, and in the middle!  The lower the screen is, the more you hunch over to see it.  Especially on a laptop where the screen is typically smaller and lower than a desktop.  Ideally, as you look straight ahead, your eyes should hit the middle of the screen.  Now a days, there are work stations with 2 or even 3 screens.  I know it's tough, but put the screen that you focus on most directly in front of you.  Looking to the left for 4 hours a day can cause just as much problem as a whiplash with your head turned left.
    2. Low back support!  So many people look at the picture above and would assume that the upper back is the biggest problem here.  The lower back is actually more important.  In the office, the illustration I use is quite simple.  I have someone sit in a chair and slump like they normally do.  Then, I put a roll of paper towels (horizontally) in between their lower back and the chair.  With that support, it makes it much more difficult for them to slump.  When they relax, they are still sitting fairly upright.
    3. Stop reaching!  Get the keyboard and mouse close to your body.  The more you reach forward for these things, the easier it is for your upper back to follow them forward.

    There are many more ergonomic recommendations that could be made, but I like to keep it simple.  Start with these simple changes and see how much your body appreciates the effort you are making. If you’re still hurting, come in to our clinic in Sugar House for a chiropractic adjustment.

    ~ Dr. Michael Hill, DC

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  • What are your chiropractic goals? Treatment plans in Salt Lake City

     A few weeks ago I found myself really hungry. I didn't want just any food. I wanted a good meal. So I went to a new restaurant that I have never been to but was told by some friends that this was the best in Salt Lake City. As I sat down, I noticed they hadn't given me a menu. The waitress comes over to me, and I ask to see the menu while she gets my drink. She proceeds to tell me that they don't have menus, but rather the chef will decide what he thinks is the best for me. I think to myself, this is different. I'm reluctant, but my friend recommended this place to me so I figure I'd give it a try. I mean, the chef is the expert, right? If anyone would know what I would want, it would be him. Right?

    Well, I sit there in anticipation for what delicious surprise will be coming out that was specially made for me. 15 minutes later, I see my waitress headed toward me with my uniquely prepared meal. As she sets it in front of me, I notice that my heart is beating faster. Working as a chiropractic physician can really build an appetite. She sets down the plate in front of me to reveal a beautifully laid out salad. The problem, though, is that I'm a little weird in that I like to eat my salad last. I ask the waitress if I can save the salad for later, but she says that's not how they do things here. The place is packed, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, so I reluctantly begin to eat the salad.

    Next, they bring out a juicy ribeye steak with a side plate of mac and cheese. Now, I love me a good ribeye. But I am not a fan of mac and cheese. I mean, if that is all I had to eat, I could live on it but it certainly would not be my first through tenth choice of side dishes. As I cut into the ribeye, I notice that it is cooked very well done. I ask the waitress if I could get a ribeye cooked to medium rare. She refuses and says that is not good for my health and that the way the chef cooked my steak is a much better choice for me.

    By this time, I'm a little frustrated. I'm hungry so I suffer through it and begin eating the burnt steak. Soon desert arrives and I find myself staring at a perfectly cut slice of cheesecake. It looks perfect. The only problem? I do not like cheesecake! Again, the waitress informs me that is how it done here. I leave the restaurant wishing I had just gone to Burger King where I could have had it my way.

    By now I'm sure you have realized that this scenario is completely made up. Other than me not liking mac and cheese, cheesecake or medium rare ribeye steak. You're probably wondering what this has to do with our Salt Lake City chiropractic clinic and why we are so busy. Quite a bit. You see, there are different types of chiropractic clinics. A lot of clinics dictate every single part of your care. They examine you and tell you exactly what your care plan will be. All without finding out what you are looking for or what YOUR goals are. You are expected to have it their way!

    At The Joint - Sugar House, we try hard to be different. We examine patients and tell them exactly what is going on. But we also listen to you and take into consideration what your goals are. When I sit down with a new patient, I let them know that MY goals for them come second to their goals. If it was up to me, I would help every patient get out of pain as fast as possible, then have them come in at a minimum every 2 weeks for a checkup. But that is MY goal. My job is to help YOU achieve YOUR goal, not mine. We always ask ourselves, "If this was my relative, what would I do?" That means we don't make you commit to some huge long-term treatment plan of 100 visits over the next year and make you prepay for all of it. Instead, we show you, based on our many years’ experience and thousands of patients, how to best achieve YOUR goals for chiropractic treatment. That may be to just get pain under control or long term maintenance care. We also give you 3 options of how you would like to handle your care, ranging from paying full price of $29 per visit to our most affordable plan of $12 per visit.
    We also make it really easy to get in when you need by being a walk in clinic. You don't need an appointment, and we are open 7 days a week! Now that's convenience!

    Always know that we are here to help you achieve your health goals, whatever they may be.

    ~ Dr. Sonny Tuft, D.C.

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  • Relieve the pain of summer vacation travel with chiropractic treatment

    Along with the summer that has come upon us, there are several other things that come with it.  Warm weather, more outdoor activities, kids being bored at home because there is "nothing to do," and vacations.  Like most of you, I can still remember family vacations as a kid during the summer time.

    Many of our vacations revolved in some way around baseball.  While living in Louisiana as a child, I remember a summer vacation when we went over to Houston.  During the day, our whole family would do SeaWorld or other fun outdoor activities and at night my dad would take my older brother and me to the Houston Astrodome to watch a series between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves (our favorite team).  Later, while living in central Illinois, our vacations would generally involve driving down to St. Louis and doing Six Flags during the day, and – you guessed it – baseball games at night between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Atlanta Braves at Busch Stadium.
    As a child, I never really thought much about how hard trips like this can be on your body.  Vacations typically involved getting up really early and driving for several hours in order to get to the theme park by the time it opened.  Then, you walk around in the hot sun all day and get exhausted.  After the park, you manage to find some dinner somewhere before heading out to the ballgame to sit in uncomfortable seats for a few hours before finally heading back to a hotel and sleeping in an uncomfortable bed for only a few hours before getting up the next morning to do it all again.

    You could probably say the same for most family vacations whether they are to the beach, to the mountains, flying overseas, or just driving across the state to visit relatives.  These trips take a toll on your body.  After all, there is a saying that goes, "I need a vacation to recover from my vacation."

    This is where The Joint Chiropractic may be able to help you out.  With over 250 locations across the country (and at least a hundred more planned), we've got your back.  Whether you are a member with us or use our package visits, they are good at any location around the country.  The doctor in that location (although they won't be as good as the doctors at Sugar House) will have your history and treatment protocols.  You won't have to go through any of the hassle of re-examinations or new x-rays and you'll be in and out in a convenient manner so that you can get on with your vacation.

    So, with your vacation plans this year, don't forget to go to www.saltlakecitychiropractor-thejoint.com and look up the closest The Joint chiropractic clinics so that you can continue your maintenance and enjoy your vacation that much more.

    ~ Dr. Michael Hill
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  • Is chiropractic the key to reducing health costs for Utah residents?

    When it comes to treating patients, I have a pretty simple philosophy: Do what is best for the patient and their particular condition.  Whether this is treating them with chiropractic, or referring them to another provider to receive medical care, acupuncture, physical therapy or any number of other types of treatment.  I always recommend what I believe the patient needs in order to best help them achieve their goals (getting out of pain, maintaining their health and the health of their joints, etc...).

    One of the most common statements that we hear from our patients is, "I HAVE to be able to work, so get me out of pain as soon as you can!"  We do our best, and typically have great success helping these people get out of pain and back to work.

    Then, the important part starts.  I try to teach people the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!"  Once you're out of pain and back to work, do you want to just wait until the pain comes back???  Or, do you want to be proactive and keep that pain away?

    I could ramble on and on about how awesome chiropractic is and how it will help keep you out of pain and how it is much more cost effective than most other forms of treatment/prevention, but...I prefer to let studies and research speak for me on this topic.

    Here are a few studies that outline the effectiveness of chiropractic when it comes to getting people back to work (and preventing further missed work days):

    STUDY 1
    Chiropractic-Therapeutical Effectiveness-Social Importance, Incidence of Absence from Work and Hospitalization Survey on a Sample of 17, 142 patients, Italy, 1987, Professor F. Splendori.
         “The results of our survey presented herein, are clear and incontrovertible: our sample population of over seventeen thousand patients treated with chiropractic for at least two years showed that this treatment could lead to 55-75% reduction in the number of daily absences from work and could cut down the number of hospitalized patients by 87.60 % vis-à-vis other currently used forms of treatment (pharmacological, physiokinesiotherapeutic, surgical, etc.)…….

    STUDY 2
    Jarvis, K.B., Phillips, R.B., et al. “Cost per Case Comparison of Back Injury Claims of Chiropractic versus Medical Management for Conditions with Identical Diagnostic Codes,” Journal of Occupational Medicine, August 1991, Volume 33, Number 8, Pages 847-52.
         This study showed that the number of work days lost was nearly 10 times greater for those using medical treatments than for those using chiropractic care for the same condition.  

    STUDY 3
    Wolk, S. “Chiropractic versus Medical Care: A Cost Analysis of Disability and Treatment for Back-Related Workers’ Compensation Cases.” Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research, Arlington, Virginia, September 1988.
         This study highlighted the fact that chiropractic treatment (for workers compensation cases) is not only faster, but much more effective in the treatment of back conditions.

    Whether it's treating back pain that is currently active or preventing back pain and surgeries, these studies show how effective chiropractic care can be. If you’re struggling with back pain in Salt Lake City, come to our chiropractic clinic for help.

    ~ Dr. Michael Hill
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  • The Right Tools for the Job - Will Chiropractic Help Your Back Pain?

    A few nights ago, I went out to the garage near our practice in Salt Lake City to exercise my manhood and do something that takes me completely out of my comfort zone.  I went out there to change the brakes on my car.  I'm not a gearhead, by any stretch of the imagination, but I can do the basic stuff when it comes to cars.

    Things were going really well at first.  Got the tire off with no problem.  Took off the screws that were holding the...caliper housing thingy...off.  Got it all apart and took out the old brakes.  Got the new brakes into position and got to the part where I had to compress the caliper (the thing that squeezes the brakes in order to stop the car).  At this point, I had been working on the brakes for about 5 minutes. On previous vehicles, I used a C-clamp and squeezed the caliper open, and everything worked well.

    Not this time!

    I put on the clamp and started to squeeze....nothing.
    I twisted the clamp harder...nothing.
    I applied some WD-40 to my clamp (maybe it was stuck)...nothing.
    I tried to use heavy metal tools and other objects to force the C-clamp to work...nothing.
    I took a break...went back and tried it all again...nothing.

    Then, I tried my age-old, work EVERY time solution to any mechanical problem...I swore at the caliper.  It didn't work.  I was deflated.  (We are now about 2 hours into this process).

    So, I swallowed my pride and headed to Auto-Zone.  I explained my predicament to the 17 year old at the counter and he just looked at me and said, "Yeah, you gotta spin those!" (As if I understand what that means).  He took a few minutes and explained why I had been unsuccessful and then gave me a Caliper Compression Kit (apparently, they make a tool for this specific problem...who knew?)

    I took my new tool home...10 minutes later, I was done with both of the rear brakes.

    Valuable lesson learned...You have to use the right tool for the right problem!!!

    We get all sorts of patients who come into our office.  During our examination and consultation, it's my job to determine what the patient’s problem is.  Then, we have to determine the best course of action to help them with their problem.

    If the patient has subluxations (bones that are out of position or not functioning properly), then chiropractic care is exactly the right tool for that job.  If the patient has strained muscle tissue or damaged particular ligaments, I will typically refer them to another provider who is better suited to deal with those issues.  If they are suffering from a systemic issue, I refer them to their MD for a medical evaluation.

    Over the past few months I have had patients with kidney & bladder infections (sent them to their MD), strained/torn rotator cuffs (sent them to PT or Orthopedist), and spasming muscles (sent them to a massage therapist).

    The point I am trying to get across here is that each patient has a specific problem.  It takes the right "tool" to help them with that problem.  Is chiropractic the right "tool" to help you with your problem?

    Come in and let’s see if we can use chiropractic to help you!

    ~ Dr. Michael Hill

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