Can a Chiropractor Treat Children?

Posted on October 1, 2013 by James Adelman - No Comments ↓

I frequently get asked if it possible or even a good idea for a Salt Lake City chiropractor to treat children. I always answer with a very resounding YES!  In fact, not only is it possible, I feel it is the most important part of caring for our children. Why? because first of all, many of the degenerative diseases and health problems that we experience as adults and even teens are quite easily preventable. Over the years I have had such a great opportunity to treat children of all ages, form a few days old experiencing colic, gas, vomiting and even fevers, to toddlers and even teenagers suffering from bed wetting, nose bleeds, allergies, asthma, and even the beginning stages of scoliosis (the unnatural side curving of the spine).

I remember when I was younger and my mother would take me to the doctor for various conditions, on one occasion I was having some neck and back pain and aches, so my mother again took me to the doctor and I remember him telling her that I "would grow out of it, it's probably just growing pains". When she asked if there was anything to do for it he said "just keep an eye on it and if a crisis happens then bring him back in".   Many of us from earlier generations and even today are continually taught to wait until the crisis happens before seeking help.

While I was in my college studies I finally realized that this "wait until a crisis" attitude was nothing more than the doctor saying he really didn't know what to do for it or how to prevent it.  If you were to spend 'a day in the life' of a child, you would very quickly realize that no other group of people, athletes included, fall down, bump into things, lift things nearly their own body weight, crash their bikes, jump off of things, sleep in the most unnatural positions and places, etc, etc, than a child. These day to day events and situations create imbalances and compensation patterns in the child's hips, spine, knees, feet and other joints. these imbalances and compensation patterns over time start to manifest in neck and back pain, neurologic pattern changes, and even organ dysfunction i.e. asthma, bed wetting, nose bleeds, headaches, weakened immune system, and digestive problems. I have 7 children of my own and I can guarantee you the "wait until a crisis" is NOT good enough for our family. I treat my family at a minimum weekly and often several times a week if needed.

By checking the children frequently and making corrections as they grow and develop helps to ensure that the nervous system, and joints are functioning at their best. This not only helps to correct problems early, but more importantly prevents many problems from ever getting started. The reason so many individuals have to see their Salt Lake City Chiropractor for such a long time and for so many visits is because we have this tendency to "wait until our crisis" occurs before getting checked. We ASSUME that if we don't FEEL a crisis, there must not be one. So we wait until we FEEL neck and back pain, numbness, tingling, digestive disorders, etc, then as a last resort we try the Salt Lake City chiropractor. The problem is that by then the degenerative processes have begun and it takes much longer, if even possible to correct.  It's so much easier to prevent these problems than to correct them!

Who's more important than our children, to start out healthy and prevent the problems that you and I have had to suffer through?

So when people ask me, who should see a Salt Lake City Chiropractor? I tell them, ONLY those with a spine!  If asked what joints should be checked and adjusted? I tell them ONLY the ones they want to KEEP! And the SOONER/YOUNGER they get checked and treated the better their overall health outlook is for life!

~Dr. Steve Lewis